Laboratory for Power Electronics

Head of laboratory:

Prof. Miro Milanovič, PhD
Phone: +386 2 220 7330

The Laboratory for Power Electronics carries out basic and applied research work within areas of power electronics systems, motor drives and alternative energy sources. Significant stress is given to advanced modulation and control algorithms for various power systems supplied by different switching power converters’ topologies such as AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-AC and DC-DC. We are also developing electronic assemblies based on microcomputer or FPGA technologies for implementing digital controls of different converters. The laboratory members are conveying their knowledge and experiences gained from research work into the teaching process to ensure that students become familiarised with the latest research achievements.

During the educational process members of the laboratory cover different topics such as analogue and digital electronic circuits, power electronic converters, servo systems, control theory, and robotics. The theoretical lectures from these topics provide strong fundamentals for the executions of laboratory exercises, which are mandatory for students attending each of our courses.