Laboratory for Cognitive Systems in Mechatronics


Phone: +386 2 220 7302

Laboratory for cognitive systems in mechatronics implements basic and aplicative research in the area of artificial intelligence usage (cognitive systems based on neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, particle swarm algorithms …) for nonlinear control of mechatronics systems, particulary mobile robots, teleoperated robots, nano/micro precise robots, process units for drying the sludges of municipal wastewater treatment plants … We develop also nano and micro precision robot mechanisms (repeatibility inside 3,9 nm) and grippers for nano/micro precise robot mechanisms useful for gripping, transferring and active releasing of the objects sizes from few hundreds of nanometers to few tens of micrometers.

Research work is done with undergraduate and postgraduate students and thus we provide the transfer of research results into educational process. The members of the Lab cover the knowledge area in study programms of electrical engineering and mechatronics: linear, nonlinear control, robotics, nanorobotics, telerobotics, systems of mechatronics, Matlab basic learning, etc. Classical lecturing in the classes are supplemented by practical oriented lab exercises and projects.