Autonomous Vehicles Summer School

(June 23 – July 5, 2019 @ University of Maribor, Slovenia)

Target group

The target group of this summer school are future oriented, curious students of PhD and MSc levels from various study fields, in first place engineering and natural sciences. Applicants from the economy, humanistics, law, fine arts etc. are also welcome. But please – check the lectures of the summer school, they are very technical! It is very nice if you are able to understand the lectures and be a productive member of the team.

Why should one attend?

The summer school is organized in the frame of CEEPUS, basically for the PhD students, but we decided to adapt it a bit, so it can also be attended by the MSc students. The idea is to give an overview of the field and focus on some issues needed by the future engineers and researchers working in the field of autonomous vehicles. So, it will not be too scientific and it should be considered that the attendants have some engineering knowledge, but not the specialized knowledge in autonomous vehicles and related fields. The summer school will be an overview and it should in first place give directions to participants – what to study and in which direction to research.

A social programme will be organized, so you can get to know each-other better. Also trips and excursions are under negotiations. And, not to forget, the summer school is held in the time of Lent festival!

The teamwork and project development

The project work in the team will be a very important part of the summer school. The proposed projects will be available to attendants for choice. They will be based on the practical issues, from the industry and academic research.